FAQ's & Helpful Hints

Helpful Hints

To make sure you get the most out of virtual Simulation Sessions, keep the following helpful hints in mind:

  • Choose a quiet, comfortable and bright location to join your session.
  • Remember to have snacks and beverages for morning/afternoon sessions.
  • Join each session early to test your audio and video connections; once set-up you can mute and disable video until class begins.
  • Prepare a back-up device just in case of lost connection on your main device.
  • Use an ethernet cable if your wi-fi is unstable.
  • Check for Zoom latest updates.
  • Use a headset instead of speakers/microphone to eliminate static noise.
  • Speak to the camera not to your screen.
  • Use your non-verbal cues in the PARTICIPANT window to provide feedback to your facilitator.
    • the GREEN CHECKMARK to indicate yes/true; and the RED X to indicate no/false.
    • the GREEN CHECKMARK to indicate you have completed a task/activity.
    • the RAISE HAND to ask a question or contribute to discussions.
    • the THUMBS UP to let your facilitator know you are ready to begin.
  • Stay comfortable: change your seating height and location; move from one room to another; sit/stand at a counter.