Access the Zoom Testing Platform

Now it is time to open in another browser to access your own personal Zoom meeting. This will resemble the platform used for your upcoming Simulation Session.

Creating your Zoom Account

  1. Click Join Meeting.
  2. Click Join with Video.
  3. The Zoom window will now open with your webcam’s view. At this time, you can adjust your webcam to ensure you are capturing your preference of video.
  4.  Click the MUTE arrow for the Audio pop-up window to appear. 
  5. Then select “Audio Settings”.

To ensure full functionality of Zoom features and tools during Simulation Sessions, using the menu in the new pop-window: “Settings”, enable at a minimum, the following in each section:

  1. General
    • Ask me to confirm when I leave a meeting.
    • Show my connected time.
    • Always show meeting controls.
  2. Video
    • Enable HD.
    • Always display participant names on their video.
    • Spotlight my video when I speak.
  3. Audio
    • Automatically join audio by computer when joining a meeting.
    • Press and hold SPACE key to temporarily unmute yourself.
    • Sync buttons on headset.
  4. Share Screen
    • Scale to fit content to Zoom window.
    • Side-by-side mode.
    • Silence system notifications when sharing desktop.
  5. Background & Filters
    • Select NONE.