Using Zoom Controls

The ANNOTATION TOOL can be found at the top of your screen in the VIEW OPTIONS tab when your facilitator or peer shares their screen to display content from their computer.

You will learn how to share your screen in the Lesson: How to Share My Content on Zoom.

The annotation menu, floats in your Zoom window and can be dragged to any position.

  1. When the mouse is blue, the annotation tools are disabled and switched to mouse pointer; the select allows you to select, move, or resize your annotations.
  2. Insert text using text box. You will use this in small group and large group discussions.
  3. Insert shapes, arrows, and lines.
  4. With the Stamp tool you have the choice to use predefined shapes.
  5. To show your cursor movement you can turn it into an arrow or spotlight.
  6. Single click or drag to erase parts or all your annotations.
  7. Change the colour, font or line width.
  8. Undo or redo your last annotation.
  9. Delete all annotations.
  10. Save all annotations on the screen as a screenshot (saved to your device or zoom cloud).