From Data to Impact: How to Use Excel and Tableau to Make Business Easy

11:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.

Event Type: Training
Location: North Campus
Fee: Free

In our increasingly digitized world, we have access to more data than at any other point in human history. You would think that would make decision-making more manageable, or at least more precise – surprise! Unfortunately, an abundance of data requires more time and effort to separate the signal from the noise, which is a problem when working on a tight deadline. That’s where data storytelling comes in. This workshop will teach you how and where to find compelling data within and outside your organization. You will also use the tools and discover the best data analysis practices. You will then understand how to craft a compelling narrative for your research that complements your findings. By mixing aspects of journalism, OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence) with hands-on data analysis training using Microsoft Excel and Tableau, this workshop will help participants develop a “data frame of mind” that will aid them in finding and telling stories with data.

Learning Outcomes:
• Navigating and downloading open data catalogues
• Learn how to request government data using freedom of information legislation
• Fundamentals of data analysis with Microsoft Excel (Functions, Pivot Tables, PowerQuery)
• Data Visualization and Presentation (Tableau)

Facilitator Bio

Barath Roy Michel is a Senior Project Manager who has demonstrated strong skill set in being able to categorize and segment innovation projects via phase gates. He also excels in the analysis of results on innovation assessments by using a variety of data analytics tools such as Excel, Tableau and Power BI. Post analysis, he has the ability to weave the insights together in the form of a wonderful story. He has presented to various clients, both international and domestic, on their current innovation capabilities, provided steps on improvement and measured success based on specific KPI’s.

David Weisz is a data journalist and educator passionate about storytelling, spreadsheets and pandas (both furry and Python varieties). David is also creator of Data Driven, Canada’s premier data journalism symposium. Currently exploring new ways to collaborate on data-driven storytelling as a co-founder and director of Humber College’s StoryLab.