Unlocking Creative Solutions: Exploring your Profile and the Problem-Solving Process

11:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.

Event Type: Training
Location: North Campus
Fee: Free

Discover your unique creative problem-solving profile in this workshop. Explore the Basadur Simplexity Profile, developed by Dr. Min Basadur, to optimize your individual and collective problem-solving capabilities. Gain insights into why you work effectively with certain individuals and not others in a fun and engaging manner. Dive into the process that combines art and science to tackle challenges and opportunities in a fast-paced world that demands quick answers and solutions. Creative Problem Solving (CPS) is a collaborative approach where stakeholders deeply listen, diverge, and converge ideas to discern the best next steps.

Learning Outcomes:

• Understand your unique problem-solving profile
• Understand how to navigate working with team members who may have different views on creative problem solving
• Explore the problem-solving process
• Building on the Simplexity quadrants of CPS, understand the value of a structured approach to provide solutions
• Appreciate the required diverse perspectives that build more substantial outcomes
• Understand how a team moves to a recommendation and why, along with measurable outcomes and milestones.

Facilitator Bio

Raeshelle Morris-Griffith serves as the Innovation Program Manager at Humber College's Office of Research & Innovation. She possesses a Master's degree in Leadership from the University of Guelph, along with a double major honours Bachelor's degree in Management and Organizational Studies from the University of Western Ontario. Additionally, she is a certified project manager (PMP) and has received training in Creative Problem Solving, Values-Based Innovation using Values Perspectives, and Design Thinking. Raeshelle also holds a Black Belt in Innovation Strategy Management from Innovation 360, equipping her with the skills to effectively lead organizational design and transformation.

Camila Perez Pena B.Design, PMP, is the Strategic Innovation Manager for the Office of Research and Innovation at Humber College. Passionate about human relations and interactions, she truly believes that inclusiveness, co-creation, and empathy are the keys to nurturing an innovative and resilient culture in organizations and communities. Her work focuses on ethnographic research, Human-Centered Design and values-based leadership to drive change and transform ideas into sustainable high-impact initiatives and innovative projects. Camila is a Black Belt Innovation 360 Licensed Practitioner (IMBB™), a Values Perspective Coach, and an MBTI Licensed Practitioner who leads teams with an agile mindset to encourage continuous development, transparency, safety, respect, and collaboration.