Introduction to Creative Problem Solving

12:00 P.M. - 2:00 P.M.

Event Type: Training
Location: Virtual Sessions
Fee: Free

Join us for this introduction to solving challenges and opportunities. We will have some fun understanding why we work so well with some people and not so well with others. From this workshop, we will explore how the Basadur Simplexity Profile developed by Dr. Min Basadur sets the stage for optimizing how we solve challenges and opportunities individually and collectively. This intro workshop is a prerequisite for Simplexity Level 1 for Problem Solving.

Facilitator Bio

Debra Pickfield, MBA (Leadership), BA Social Sciences (Economics) is a dedicated “Minion” as she has facilitated Simplexity sessions for over ten years and watched groups navigate from frustration to “ahhh—we get it” as they explore what is the real issue seeking to be solved. Debra’s commitment to recognizing problem-solving as a key driver of innovation is what brings her to Humber College, and she is looking forward to sharing her passion and supporting anyone or any team as they learn a new skills to approach any opportunity or challenges facing them.