Introduction to Data Analytics & Storytelling - Excel

12:00 P.M. - 2:00 P.M.

Event Type: Training
Location: Virtual Sessions
Fee: Free

This is where we will have some fun learning the essentials of data analytics tools and how to use them in telling a great story about your data. Data storytelling is the best way to use data to create new knowledge and new decisions or actions. It is an integrative practise that incorporates knowledge and skills from several disciplines, including communication, analysis, and design. In this workshop, we will explore data analytics tools and how to use them to tell a great story about your data.

Facilitator Bio

David Weisz is a data journalist and educator passionate about storytelling, spreadsheets and pandas (both furry and Python varieties). David is also creator of Data Driven, Canada’s premier data journalism symposium. Currently exploring new ways to collaborate on data-driven storytelling as a co-founder and director of Humber College’s StoryLab. Barath Roy Michel holds Masters in Social Work (MSW) with specialization in Human Resources. He worked as an HR Business Partner in TVS ASL. With time there was an opportunity to dive into Client projects located in the Middle East, worth 95 million USD, some of his key deliverables were placed on Recruitment, Training, Quality improvement, HR Budgeting, Performance measurement metrics, data maps, etc. Implemented agile, Data analysis.