Cloud-based load prediction system for smart grids

Research Area(s): Internet of Things, Systems Integration | Funder: NSERC | Program: Engage
PI Name: Saber Amini | Faculty/Department: Faculty of Applied Sciences & Technology

Power generation in Ontario and around the world is going towards a free-market platform. This means that power providers will be able to bid on the power that is needed. When demand is high, the cost of power goes up and the Utility companies ensure that the power needed is supplied to the grid by providing a higher price for each Kilowatt of power supplied at critical ties. For suppliers, such as wind or solar farms, it is advantageous to have a prediction of this power surge to optimize the delivery of power at the right time. For consumers, knowing the peak power times and more importantly, predicting future power surges allows them to reduce power consumption in peak periods reducing costs. In order to predict and analyze power costs, however, the power grid needs to be "smart" by installing meters capable of recording power consumption in realtime. Alphacor Sustainability Solutions is a Canadian company engaged in design, manufacturing and implementation of power meters for smart grids./p>