Design Enhancements of Mobile Air Monitoring System

ORI Grant ID
Research Area(s): Sustainable Architecture | Funder: NSERC | Program: Engage
PI Name: Sherif Hanna | Faculty/Department: Faculty of Applied Sciences & Technology

Ecosystem Informatics Inc. (ESI) is a company incorporated in 2019 in the field of environmental
engineering developing patent-pending real-time and mobile environmental measurement tools to overcome the sample collection and location specific measurement limitations. This project will design and develop a novel case for the system to collect environmental measurements while mounted on a vehicle. The main technical challenge in developing the enclosed measurement system is the turbulence associated with the airflow into the system as well as the presence of dust, water vapor and contaminants that are entrained with the airflow into the system. Humber will provide technical leadership in modelling the air flow inside the engineering system and reducing contaminant interference with measurements through design modifications and in-situ testing. The benefits of this project will be transferred to ESI to overcome the limitations of traditional measurement techniques and offer a more accurate and reliable measurement
alternative product.