Development of a Data Server Framework

ORI Grant ID
Research Area(s): Internet of Things, Systems Integration | Funder: NSERC | Program: ARTP-1
PI Name: David Weisz | Faculty/Department: Office of Research and Innovation

Torstar’s flagship news product, The Toronto Star Newspapers Ltd (TSNL), has become increasingly interested in covering cybersecurity issues (data breaches, ransomware, etc.) but lacks the expertise and technical framework for delving deeper into these issues. Specifically, they lack the expertise to safely extract, analyze, and share data retrieved from the un-indexed “Dark Web”, where primary documents related to data breaches and ransomware attacks are regularly shared publicly. This would be accomplished by working with the Faculty of Social & Community Services’ PSI Program to develop a technical and logistical framework (a data server solution as well as reporter training in cybersecurity fundamentals) to bolster the Star’s reporting in this sector. Potential outcomes include the establishment of a new cybersecurity beat, or even a separate subscription publication to create additional revenue streams for the company.