Development of Ultra-Long-Range Wireless Backhaul Link using ATSC 3.0

ORI Grant ID
Research Area(s): Internet of Things, Systems Integration | Funder: NSERC | Program: IE Build
PI Name: Willie Perez | Faculty/Department: Office of Research and Innovation

‚ÄčThe objective is to develop a next-generation ultra-long-range wireless backhaul solution for operators of point-to-point communication systems Using the physical layer of the Advanced Television Systems Committee 3.0 broadcast standard (ATSC 3.0), and available sub-1GHz frequencies, the ULRWB project aim is to increase the achievable distance of backhaul hops for high throughput and low-latency broadband access. The solution would be future-ready, facilitating integration with Internet Service Providers (ISP) with current and emerging fixed and cellular technologies, including 5G infrastructure.