A Photovoice Study Exploring the Well-being and Mental Health of Students’ in the Child and Youth Care Programs

ORI Grant ID
Research Area(s): Social Innovation | Funder: Internal Funds | Program: Other
PI Name: Estefania Toledo | Faculty/Department: Other

The Investigators will use photovoice methodology and participatory action research methods (Sutton-Brown, 2014) to explore the lived experiences of Humber college students and their well-being and mental health during the Fall 2022 semester. True engagement of Humber learners who are lavishing or thriving in their well-being is valuable for the design and implementation of student support services, as well as teaching and learning across the institution. This qualitative research study will explore the following questions: How does student mental health and well-being impact their academics and co-curricular activities? How do students describe the structural and systemic influences on their mental health and well-being in college? How do students express agency and sense of purpose to protect their mental health in college? Data will be used to build student capacity and improve student care and access to mental health support at post-secondary institutions.