Due to COVID-19, we are not currently offering Living Learning Communities at this time but these are the available communities typically. 

Learning Living Communities
Learning Living Communities

You can choose to join these communities when you apply. All you need is an interest in the community’s theme and a desire to participate throughout the year.

Health & Wellness:

Living in the Health & Wellness Living Learning Community will give you a chance to broaden your view of what it means to lead a healthy lifestyle through education, fitness and community involvement.

A variety of programs and events will be offered ranging from climbing the CN tower to a ‘Cooking in Residence’ class. 

If you are passionate about Health & Wellness and excited by the idea of living in a community with like-minded individuals, the Health & Wellness LLC Is a great option for you,


Living in the Leadership Living Learning Community will give you an opportunity to further develop your leadership skills through workshops, events and a practical component.

The programs offered will focus on your personal strengths and goals, while teaching you about the basic theoretical concepts of leadership.

At the end of this program, you will have an opportunity to practice the leadership skills that you have learned throughout the year by participating in a volunteer activity within the community.

Social Justice:

The newly created Social Justice LLC will teach you how to enact positive change in your community. A variety of programs will be offered ranging from volunteer opportunities to workshops on social contracts to chances to explore different facets of equity and awareness.