Assessment is collaborative! The division of Student and Community Engagement’s role is to maintain a solid assessment framework so that all partners collect data in a reliable and consistent manner, then provide analysis and advice on decision making.

Current committee members include:

  • Jacqueline Anderson, Associate Director, Health and Counseling (SSE)
  • Tanis Boak, Associate Registrar, Lakeshore (RO)
  • Shaun Carson, Manager, Campus Life and Student Conduct (SSE)
  • Melanie Chai, Manager, Peer Assisted Learning Support (SSE)
  • Jelena Dukic, Manager, Strategic Initiatives and Divisional Assessment (SCE)
  • Debbie Falconi, Deputy Registrar, Service Initiatives (RO)
  • TBC, Associate Director, Advising and Career Services (SSE) 
  • Regina Hartwick, Manager, Aboriginal (ARC)
  • Sandra Herber, Media Studies/IT Assessment Librarian (LIB)
  • Michael Kopinak, Associate Director, Athletics (SSE)
  • Elana Lewis, Manager, Community Employment Centres (COWD)
  • Lucie Moretti, Manager, Quality Assurance (RO)
  • Peter Paul, Manager, Immigrant and Bridging Programs (COWD)
  • Stephen Preware, Manager, Operations and Student Communications (SSE)
  • Nora Simpson, Associate Director, Accessible Learning Services (SSE)
  • Shari Walsh, Manager, Transition and Leadership Programs (SSE)

Meeting Schedule and Materials

Dates Agenda Notes
October 3, 2017 Agenda Notes
June 5, 2017    
May 1, 2017    
April 3, 2017    
February 28, 2017    
January 26, 2017    
December 16, 2016    
November 24, 2016    
October 27, 2016    
October 7, 2016    
May 17, 2016    
April 28, 2016    
March 31, 2016    
March 10, 2016    
February 17, 2016    



Strategic Framework

The Division of Student and Community Engagement (SCE) provides front-line support for Humber's learners (both students and clients), and aids the college in achieving our shared goals as articulated in the strategic and academic plans.

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