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At Humber College and the University of Guelph-Humber, we support survivors, educate students in being active bystanders, and are committed to building a culture of consent. The Consent Peer Education Program (CPEP) fosters an environment of prevention surrounding sexual violence, by way, seeks to, educate and empower the Humber/UofGH community, including: students, faculty, and staff through reflective practices, media campaigns, and empowerment initiatives in addition to proactive bystander intervention workshops.

Our team is made up of a vibrant group of 8 students between the North/UofGH campus and Lakeshore campuses who are dedicated to building a culture of consent awareness and sexual violence through outreach. 

Consent Peer Educators (CPEs)

CPEs are responsible for:

  • Providing sexual violence and consent education through events, training, and social media outlets
  • Researching on-going initiatives regarding sexual violence awareness and prevention
  • Being active role models on campus while positively promoting and encouraging others in accordance with the Sexual Assault and Sexual Violence policy at Humber/UofGH

See full CPE job description.

Lead Consent Peer Educators (LCPE)

LCPEs are responsible for:

  • Leading the Consent Peer Education Program including leading the digital presence of the program though social media outlets
  • Facilitating dialogues/workshops around consent, sexual violence, and healthy relationships
  • Planning and coordinating large-scale events
  • Coaching and mentoring a team of Consent Peer Educators
  • Being active role models on campus while positive promoting and encouraging others in accordance with the Sexual Assault and Sexual Violence Policy at Humber/UofGH

See full LCPE job description.

Sexual Violence Prevention & Education Assistant

SVPEs are responsible for:

  • Assisting in the development of sexual violence prevention and education initiatives
  • Supporting the Taskforce on Preventing & Responding to Sexual Violence
  • Assisting in the development and facilitation of Consent Peer Educator training in August

See full SVPE job description. 

Join Our Team! 

Hiring happens annually in March; visit to apply!

Why join our team? 

  • Develop a broad awareness of sexual violence on campus, in addition to a clear understanding of consent education. 
  • Develop skills such as: team building, communication, leadership, & event planning 
  • Receive trainings such as: bystander intervention, conflict resolution, diversity awareness, intersectionality and more.
  • Obtain recognition on your Co-Curricular RecordCo-Curricular Record