There are many ways you can help stand up to sexual violence on campus.

Take the Pledge »

Help create a caring, supportive community – make your personal pledge to help end sexual violence on campus.

Bystander Intervention Training »

Bystander Intervention programs aim to empower individuals to confidently intervene in an incident in order to stop it.

Sexual Violence Awareness and Prevention Campaigns at Humber and Guelph Humber »

At Humber we work to challenge negative behaviours, attitudes and beliefs about sexual and gender-based violence. By doing so, we hope to reinforce Humber’s commitment to student safety and promote a campus culture in which there is ZERO tolerance for sexual and gender-based violence.

Provide Input on the Sexual Assault Sexual Violence Policy 

The Sexual Assault Sexual Violence (SASV) Task Force at Humber College is responsible for reviewing and updating its policy and procedures every three years. The Task Force meets regularly to plan and review sexual assault and sexual violence training, and to plan revisions to the College’s policy and procedures. The committee includes faculty staff and student government representatives from Ignite, who consult directly with students and student groups on the SASV policy and procedure.

Students were actively involved in formulating this policy and procedure and are welcome to provide input to the Task Force directly. Students who wish to provide input on improving the policy or procedures or on how to create a safer campus for all students are encouraged to email the Sexual Assault Sexual Violence Co-Chairs:

Meg Houghton Or Nancy Simms