By: Leanne Henwood-Adam

Humber Fitness in the Fall!

Fall is a great time to begin a fitness routine. The weather is cooler and much less humid and the fall leaves provide a perfect back drop to outdoor activities. With the cooler temperatures come challenges for how to dress for outdoor activities.  The best solution to the unpredictable temperatures is to dress in layers.  This way you are warm enough for the coldest temps and can peel back layers as either the temps warm up or as you do.

Here are some ideas to get you moving this fall:


Walking is one of the easiest forms of exercise. All you really need is a good pair of walking/running shoes and some fall weather outer gear. Keep track of either the time of your walk or the distance travelled and consistently increase these each time you go out. Plan on after dinner walks with the family or before work and school.  Take a walk on a trail and bring your camera to capture some of the great fall colours.


Golf is a game that can be enjoyed through the fall. Don’t rent the golf-cart, as walking will give you a lower body workout and some cardio.

Charity Events

Many themed fundraising walking and running events take place in the fall. Why not participate in an event with your friends or family to not only exercise your body, but contribute to a larger cause.  Join the Athletics CN Tower climb for United Way or come run in the Mental Health Run at the Lakeshore Campus.  Ask us for more details if interested.

Raking Leaves

Don’t ever underestimate the power of raking leaves. It gives you a great upper body workout along with some cardio.  Why not get in even more exercise and volunteer to rake your neighbours as well!


Cycling can still be enjoyed until the snow flies –so hop on your bike and go enjoy some local trails. 

Apple or Pumpkin Picking

Not only does this activity involve getting out into the fresh air, the stretching and bending required to pick or transport the fruit can become a form of exercise too!

Indoor Workouts

As the daylight hours become shorter you can move your exercise routine indoors to the fitness facility. The variety of equipment options and Group Fitness classes will not only benefit your physical body, but keep you socially active in what might otherwise be those isolating months of late fall and winter. Exercising both the mind and body is a balanced way to stay healthy and happy this season.