Finding Purpose in a Pandemic Day

This may sound funny, but I really struggle when I’m not busy, or rather when I feel like I don’t have a “purpose”. The winter academic term is over and honestly, I don’t have a lot going on until the fall term begins, in, well the fall! Of course, I can understand the potential blessing this is, the time to focus on self-care, to take up a new hobby, to binge on Netflix. Don’t get me wrong, all of those opportunities are valuable and a true gift. But here is what I struggle with, I like to have a purpose, to feel like I’m contributing, to wake up each day, and have some goals, big or small to work towards. The pandemic struggles are still real, outside of my academic role at Humber, I work in the fitness industry (and love it), an industry that has been decimated by the pandemic restrictions. So basically, most of my jobs, don’t currently exist or are on pause.

Do any of you feel this way?

So, I’m faced with this “time gap”. I want to be productive and feel purposeful. Here are a few goals or tasks I’ve set for myself to do every day, with the hope that I will go to bed each night knowing I accomplished at least a few things.

Number 1: do something physical every day, this could be a walk, an online workout (live or on-demand), maybe a sport with my son, just something that gets my body moving.

Number 2: I started a challenge in January to read 21 minutes a day in 2021. So, task two is to read 21 for a minimum of 21 minutes each day. Anything counts, no judgment, doesn’t have to be fine literature. Honestly, sometimes I really love to read a good RomCom and get lost in a fictional story.

Number 3: Connect with one person each day, by phone, text, zoom, etc. Often, I call my dad while I’m walking my dog or text funny things to my sister. I also like to reach out to friends with who I don’t speak regularly, at least once/week.

Number 4: Get outside, at least once/day. This one is easy for me since I have a dog and love to walk her. When the sun is shining, I will take my book out to my backyard and read (two birds, one stone).

So, there you go, nothing too crazy and nothing that costs money (this was really important to me, so I can be mindful of my spending).

How are you finding purpose on a pandemic day? I’d love to hear from you, maybe I can incorporate some of your ideas into my daily tasks? You can find me on Instagram @debsingercadieux.

Deb Singer