This series will look at common myths or misconceptions in the fitness & nutrition industry and provide you with the facts.
By:  Leanne Henwood, Fitness Coordinator, North Campus

 How many times have you heard someone say - CARBS ARE BAD!

This is one I still hear all the time and it drives me crazy! 

Carbs are full of sugar!  Carbs will make you fat!  Carbs are evil!

Our bodies need carbs - carbs are our primary source of energy for both our brain function and body.  Basically, we need carbs for everyday living.

A healthy diet includes a balanced amount of all of the MACROnutrients - these are carbohydrates, proteins, and fats along with water. To try and cut out all carbs is unsustainable.

If you live and breathe, you need carbohydrates.
Complex carbs are far better than refined carbs. So yes, a multigrain toast is a better choice than a chocolate glazed donut - fiber is the main reason why.
Fiber keeps us fuller for longer... which is a good thing! 


When most people think of carbs, white bread, pasta, rice, etc are what come to mind. Did you know that fruit, vegetables, and whole grains are also carbs?  These types of carbs are the kind we need more of.  The kind with lots of fiber. 
These choices are some of the best ways to fuel your workouts, keep you focused and sharp and in fact, even lower cortisol levels - your stress hormone -  (especially after a hard workout).
So, eat those carbs!

So can you/should you eat carbs?  Yes - but be smart about them. Enjoy them. Don't avoid them or fear they will cause you weight gain. Choose carbs that are close to how we find them in nature more often - think fruit and veggies.

Ultimately, overall intake determines weight gain, not a single macronutrient.

Carbs make us happy!  In order to be successful for a lifetime, we need to eat in a way that is sustainable and which will give us both the nutrients we need along with the enjoyment of eating delicious food.

What is your favourite carb?