This series will look at common myths or misconceptions in the fitness & nutrition industry and provide you with the facts.
By:  Leanne Henwood, Fitness Coordinator, North Campus


FRUIT IS BAD (aka, contains too much sugar and causes weight gain) 

This one drives me crazy! I hear this one almost daily from so many people. Many clients have been scared to eat a banana or watermelon for fear of having too much sugar.  
Does fruit contain sugar? Yes, it's called fructose. Many have heard of the Glycemic Index and decide to not eat foods that are high up on that scale. However, the GI does not give us a complete picture. We should instead be looking at the Glycemic Load which looks at the GI but also the total amount of carbs in that particular food. Take watermelon as an example – it is rated high on the GI but low on the GL due to having a small amount of carbohydrates.  

Is eating fruit bad for you? NO! 
Here's why: 

fruit contains water 

fruit contains fiber 

fruit contains micronutrients 

fruit tastes great 

fruit is an excellent pre or post-workout snack! 

No one has ever become overweight or obese because of eating too many bananas or strawberries or watermelon. It is way too difficult to overeat fruit because of its water and fiber content. 
The sugar from a candy bar vs that from a slice of watermelon is NOT the same. Rest assured, eating fruit should be a part of your healthy diet. 
Bottom Line.... 
Relax and enjoy your fruit, especially when it's in season, and know that you will not cause your body harm if you have a banana, grapes, or blueberries! 

Check out our Nutrition Board (on the way into the weight room) and check out our Instagram page (@humberfitnessnorth) for this month's info about making your very own healthy smoothies using fresh or frozen FRUIT along with veggies and other superfoods like hemp, chia or flax seeds.