By: Domenica Orlando

November = National Nutrition Month!!

Now, nutrition is more than just eating right to lose weight, it’s about your overall health and providing you with the adequate nutrients you need to do all the activities/hobbies you love. What does the term “healthy” mean to you? Is it viewed solely on what you eat? Or do you view it holistically, where your mind and body are one? If you want to adapt to an overall healthier lifestyle then you must encompass the mind within that equation as well. A healthy mind = a healthy you!

5 years ago I came to the realization that I needed a change in my life and I wanted to lead a healthier lifestyle. I took up Zumba and fell in love. I became an instructor and started teaching it full-time. I was teaching 13-15 classes a week! Then I slowly began to alter my eating habits;

  • choosing not to eat past 8:00pm,
  • eating more protein
  • and cutting out carbs/sugars.

You see at this point in my life I was not the foodie I am today (check out my Instagram feed). My food intake was not that extensive or creative but then I started seeking out resources on what other people in my shoes were doing. I joined accountability groups where we would share recipes and what we ate that day. I got a ton of support and recipes. I began to develop this genuine love of food and everything that goes with it.

It definitely takes creativity, love "you always have to cook with love-something my Nonna taught me!" and dedication to your health goals. Do some research, what foods do you need to incorporate into your diet to better your health? Social media is huge! I absolutely love it and use it all the time for resources and ideas. Possibilities are endless however like I mentioned before research before you adapt specific foods into your meal planning and ask yourself “is this something that you can maintain?” The only lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle. Much love to all of you embarking on this journey of optimal health.

It is not easy to take that first step.

Celebrate your small accomplishments because one day you’ll look back and those in fact were milestones.