Humber Awards Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some frequently asked questions regarding the Humber Awards & Scholarships program. If you have any further inquiries please contact the Advancement and Alumni at 416.673.0152 or in the Learning Resource Commons 5th Floor at the North Campus.


Am I able to apply for more than one scholarship?

Yes, you are able to apply for multiple scholarships but can only be the successful recipient of one. 

How do I apply for scholarships?

To apply for scholarships follow these steps:

    1) Log in to your MyHumber account

    2) Click the 'Student Awards and Financial Aid' tab

    3) Select 'Apply for Student Aid' and submit your application

Watch a video tutorial on the process here

For some scholarships you need to submit tracking documents (transcript, letter of reference, resume etc). 

Submit tracking documents by email to or in person to Advancement and Alumni.

How are recipients selected for awards and scholarships?

Award recipients are selected by deans, program coordinators and faculty based on a specific set of criterion outlined by the award donor. 

Scholarship recipients are selected by a scholarship committee comprised of faculty, staff and donors. Each scholarship may have a different criteria and application process so students must fulfill the submission requirements in order to be considered eligible candidates. 

How do I thank my donor?

It is very important that the contributions of our donors are acknowledged, so that students may benefit in future years. It is strongly encouraged that you send a thank you letter after you have received your award. Completed thank you letters can be submitted to the Advancement and Alumni in the Learning Resource Commons, 5th Floor at the North Campus or emailed to

How can I become a donor?

For more information on how to become a donor please call 416.673.0152 or visit


Lost or Stale Dated Cheques

Humber will re-issue any lost or stale dated cheques upon Finance’s confirmation of incomplete cheque cashing, for a maximum of two years past cheque issue date.

What is the difference between awards and scholarships?

Awards are non-application based (unless otherwise specified), rewards that range from money, tuition credits, products, memberships, gift certificates, books and supplies. They recognize academic achievements, community involvement and leadership initiatives based on a particular criterion as outlined by an award donor.  

Scholarships are application-based, monetary rewards. They are awarded based upon various criteria and can be merit-based, financial need-based, academic school-specific, program-specific, career-specific or a combination. Humber offers the following scholarships:

  • Donor Entrance Scholarships are available to students entering into a Humber program for the first time. Students must complete the application and budget form; submit all required supporting documentation as outlined in the criteria. Supporting documentation may include high school transcript or equivalent, reference letters or resume.
  • Application Based Scholarships are available to students returning to continue their studies in a Humber program. Students must have proven financial need and are required to complete the application and budget form as well as an essay. 

Scholarships can be accessed through your MyHumber account.

When will I receive my award and/or scholarship?

Student recipients are invited to an award ceremony held by their academic school where they will receive their award. Further details of the award ceremonies will be provided to the student recipients.