What is the Student Leadership Academy?

The Student Leadership Academy is a FREE, interactive program for students to explore and strengthen their leadership skills.

The Academy has something for everyone including a one day leadership conference, a personalized portfolio, workshops and an annual retreat.

Through the Student Leadership Academy, students will have the opportunity to develop their leadership potential, discover or strengthen their passions and connect their student leadership journey to their future career goals. The Student Leadership Academy mountain is a representation of the journey in which one takes to discovering their true leadership potential. This journey can be challenging filled with highs and lows however with the support of current student leaders and professional staff participants will have opportunities to practice, discuss and self-reflect on how leadership can impact their future.

Are looking to explore your leadership potential? Are you looking for the opportunity to meet other student leaders and be a part of a great community? Are you ready to start your leadership climb? If so, the Student Leadership Academy is for you!

All path ways are CCR Certified, meaning that if you complete any path it will be an eligible experience to go on your Co-Curricular Record!

Interested in being a part of the Student Leadership Academy? Explore our different pathways!

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