Office of Sustainability

Humber's Office of Sustainability leads the college's sustainability initiatives and is a hub for campus engagement and information. We support the college community to integrate sustainability into everything we do. Sustainability at Humber encompasses Social justice, Ecological Preservation and Economic Viability, or "People, Planet, Profit" and the UN World Commission on Environment and Development’s definition of Sustainability (1987): “Meeting contemporary needs without compromising the ability of future generations to satisfy their needs.”

Sustainability is one of Humber College's six values: "We preserve our collective future by embracing the social, ecological and economic impact of our decisions" (Humber Strategic Plan 2013-2018).  It is also a Goal and Success Outcome within the Foundations for Success section of the Strategic Plan:

  • Goal: Ensure Humber's commitment to sustainability is reflected in planning and decision-making
  • Success Outcome: We will know we are on track if, by 2018: Humber has embraced a comprehensive sustainability strategy that is embedded in our integrated planning and resource allocation model

Our five year Humber Sustainability Plan can be found on our Accomplishments page. 

Humber's Office of Sustainability activities include:

  • Making campus operations more sustainable
  • Collaborating and engaging with various stakeholders to implement sustainability projects and initiatives
  • Tracking and publishing successes using defined metrics


Contact us! 

We are located at the North Campus in D134. You can contact us at:

We are at the Lakeshore Campus often, but we don't have regular hours. Send us an email to find out when we'll be at the Lakeshore campus next!

You can also find us...

  • Twitter: @SustainHumber
  • Instagram: @SustainHumber
  • Facebook: @SustainHumber


Spencer Wood, Director, Facilities Management

Lindsay Walker, Manager, Office of Sustainability

Aman Hehar, Manager, Energy

Devon Fernandes, Specialist, Office of Sustainability

Tayler Buchanan, Sustainability Communications and Events Coordinator

Ammaarah Sachedina, Sustainability Communications and Events Intern

Farheen Kadwa, Sustainability Research Intern

Axl Valdez, Sustainability Work Study (Creative Advertising Student)

Teddy Mullings, Sustainability Work Study (Media Communications Student)

Brad Staite, Sustainability Work Study (Industrial Design Student)