How do I recycle on campus?

Recycling at Humber

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Approximately one third of items that are put in the recycling bin do not belong there! When recycling bags are too contaminated then they are sent to landfill instead. 

We need your help to reduce waste on campus. Bring reusable items, like a mug or cutlery, and sort your waste properly. 

Recycling Tips: 

  • Remove foods, liquids or other contents and rinse before recycling.
  • Use the yellow paper bins for recycling printer paper. 
  • Compostable and biodegradable items are not accepted in the recycling bins, please put them in the garbage.
  • If you're not sure where an item goes, download the TO Waste App or ask the Waste Wizard online. Still not sure? Put it in the garbage to avoid contaminated the recycling bin. 

Top Recycling Bin Offenders:

  • Food and organic waste: Please put food scraps in the compost bins located in our main cafeteria areas. 
  • Coffee cups: Most coffee cups are made of paper but there are lined with wax or plastic to make sure they don't leak. Due to this, coffee cups go in the garbage bin. 
  • Black plastic: Any kind of black plastic (cutlery, lids, take-out containers, etc.) cannot be recycled because the recycling faciltiies sorting technology cannot recognize black plastic. Black plastic items go in the garbage. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are coffee cups not recyclable?

Coffee cups have a wax lining which makes the cup waterproof, but makes it difficult for the cup to be recycled. The coffee cup belongs in the garbage bin while the coffee cup lids goes in the recycling bin, and the paper sleeve goes in paper bin.  

Why do I sort my waste differently at home than at Humber?

Different cities have different methods for recycling or composting. Humber College follows the sorting practices as the City of Toronto, so if you aren’t sure how to sort your waste at Humber, download the TOwaste app and see what goes where.

Is Humber’s waste being sorted?

You may notice custodial staff taking one bag from a recycling bin and one bag from a garbage bin and placing it in the same black bin. The custodial staff are being efficient by collecting all the bags at once and sorting them at the back of the college. The custodial staff are trained to identify bags that are too contaminate to be recycled (i.e., they have too much liquids or organic matter in them) and they place those bags in the garbage.

What can I do to reduce waste?

Bring a reusable mug and cutlery. If you bring your reusable mug, you will get a discount on your coffee at any retailer across the college!  

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