The office of sustainability works hard through the year to create a green campus and now we are happy to announce Humber is one of Canada’s Greenest Employers for 2018. This is the third year in a row for this designation and we are happy to celebrate it on Wednesday, April 25.

We are celebrating Earth Day in more ways than one. It’s everyone’s responsibility to contribute to a greener campus and protect our Earth for everything it offers us: fresh air, water, soil etc.

Earth Day is very important. As climate change wages its toll on earth along with our growing population impeding unsustainable habits from oil fracking, pipelines, and ocean pollution, we need to refocus our daily routines to include more sustainable habits.

We are giving you five ways to celebrate Earth Day which will simultaneously make it a better place.

  1. Nature Walk cleanup

Despite the winter weather. Take 10 minutes on Saturday to go outside and get fresh air. Take a stroll to appreciate your surrounding nature trails, and while you’re at it bring a plastic bag to fill with waste. You’re most likely going to find garbage littered along the trail you’re walking. Collect what you can and properly dispose of it at home, this eliminates waste from contaminating the soil and potentially harming wildlife habitats.

  1. Find your roots

Growing new plants can be the best thing for our environment. Through the process of photosynthesis, plants will absorb CO2 and produce oxygen. Try planting a tree or maybe wildflowers that will attract bees for pollination come the spring. Don’t have a green thumb? Choose to buy pre-potted plants from local nurseries or greenhouses. You’ll support local business and purchase a plant with a longer lifespan than precut flowers. If you want to start today stop by the office of Sustainability for wildflower seed paper.

  1. Prepare a vegetarian meal with as little food waste as possible

Going veggie doesn’t have to be a full-time commitment. But for people who choose to maintain an omnivore lifestyle means you can reduce meat consumption once a week and it will make a big difference. Take the challenge to prepare a vegetarian meal on Saturday. By eating one less red meat-based meal a week it’s the equivalent to taking your car off the road for 320 miles. For recipe ideas for your Vegetarian Earth Day here are a few ideas.

  1. Take your bike to do errands or to school

Some of you might think, “I live too far from anything to bike.” But if you’re a commuter try alternatively carpooling or take shared transit once a week. On Saturday if you have to go out for errands consider helping the earth and not using your car at all for the day and take a trip on your local transit system. If you are within a short biking distance to local shops but don’t have a bike look into bike share options within the GTA.

  1. Reuse to reduce

Thinking of going out for a Saturday coffee after your walk? Bring your reusable mug. Better yet, if you’re thinking of going for a meal, bring reusable Tupperware. Most dining establishments are amenable to you taking home food in a container you brought. If it refuses, still take home your meal to reduce food waste. Try going to restaurants that offer paper takeout containers opposed to plastic.