Sustainability at Humber is more than the physical environment. Fostering a campus culture of sustainability requires both formal and informal initiatives and collaborations. Several groups at Humber work, run events and educate others based on principles of sustainability.

Humber Honey Bees

We got a new addition to the family in 2015… the Humber Honey Bees!

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In an effort to rebuild the number of worker honey bees in our local area, the Office of Sustainability installed hives on campus to provide a safe environment for honey bees to thrive and to collect nectar from flora in the local areas. Honey bees are a vital member of our community, as they pollinate approximately 70% of the world’s crops; without honey bees, our grocery stores would be near empty. With 2 hives at North Campus and 2 at the Lakeshore Campus, the Humber Honey Bees serve as a reminder for the entire Humber College community that we have the power to shape the future of pollination; our food supply and the fate of our friend the honey bee.


Ignite (formerly Humber Student Federation, HSF) is the official student government of Humber and Guelph-Humber. Sustainability is a top priority for HSF, which represents over 25,000 full-time and 56,000 part-time students. Ignite actively partners with Humber to advocate for environmental preservation.​ Ignite and the Office of Sustainability encourage students to create a student sustainability club. Contact Ignite to find out if there is a sustainability club running this school year!


First opened in 1977, the Humber Arboretum is a joint venture of the City of Toronto, Humber College, and Toronto and Region Conservation Authority. The 105 hectare Humber Arboretum presents a balance of ornamental gardens and diverse natural areas. It is dedicated to showcasing an extensive collection of woody and herbaceous plants, and protecting and restoring habitat for native plants and animals. The Arboretum makes a unique contribution to life in the Greater Toronto Area by providing educational opportunities in horticulture and environmental stewardship for anyone who visits. 

Visitors to the Arboretum range from school children learning about the environment for the first time, to adults enjoying a pleasant stroll. Find out more about the Arboretum here.

Humber College students also develop their skills here in a broad range of programs including Horticulture, Arboriculture, Sustainable Building & Energy Technology, Architecture, Interior Design, Education, Health Sciences, Culinary, Hospitality, and Public Relations.

The Arboretum's Centre for Urban Ecology is the first in Ontario to be awarded a Platinum Certification level from the new provincial EcoCentres program.



The American Society for Heating Refrigerant and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) has grown into an international society that promotes industry standards in the built environment. It was founded in 1894 and has 50,000 members worldwide. Humber has a student branch at Humber! Check out the ASHREA Humber College Student Chapter website and Facebook page