"Fairtrade is about better prices, decent working conditions and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers" (Fairtrade Canada). Look for their logo to be sure what you are buying is Fairtrade."



Fairtrade Campus Program at Humber College

See what we have recently accomplished at Humber College through our Fairtrade program: 

Humber College is proud to hold the designation of Fair Trade Campus at our Lakeshore location. This honor was earned in the Summer of 2017 thanks to the efforts of our Fairtrade Campus program Steering Committee, the Office of Sustainability and the continued support from Humber College. Joining this movement is an integral step in educating the Humber Community about the importance of Fair Trade and making conscious consumption choices that are fair to everyone.

The following video was filmed at our Lakeshore Campus during Fairtrade Campus Week 2017:



What is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade is a movement and a network of non-profit organizations that endeavors to improve the livelihoods of agricultural producers in developing countries by ensuring that producers receive a fair price for their products. These organizations set standards for Fair Trade Certified products, which are certified as being produced according to these standards.


Distinguishing Fair Trade Products:

  • Fair Trade Certified: Any product certified by a Fair Trade Labelling Organization, to meeting Fairtrade International standards, and bearing the International Fair Trade Certification Mark.
  • Fair Trade Labelling Organization: An organization, affiliated with the global Fair Trade network, which certifies products that meet Fair Trade standards.
  • Fair Trade Certification Mark: A trademarked emblem, that identifies Fair Trade certified products. License to use the trademark is only provided to Fair Trade certified producers.

How did we obtain a Fair Trade Campus designation?

There are three categorical requirements to earn the Fair Trade Campus designation:

1. Fair Trade Steering Committee: Comprised of a top-level university/college VP, a purchasing or retail manager from the college, a faculty member, and a student representative. It is the committees responsibility to monitor the continued compliance with Fair Trade Campus requirements.

2. Product Availability: All coffee served on campus must be Fairtrade certified, 3 Fairtrade certified teas must be available and at least 1 Fairtrade certified chocolate bar must be available at every location serving these products. Additionally, all meetings, events and offices run by campus administration or student unions must be Fairtrade certified.

3. Visibility and Education: All locations selling Fairtrade certified products must have prominent signage, ancillary information about fair trade and an annual administration run public celebration of the designation.

View the full list of criteria here!  


Why this is Important to the Humber Community

Sustainability is one of Humber College’s core values and this includes ethical sourcing.  In pursuit of this goal, Humber College’s Lakeshore campus has achieved the Fair Trade Designation marking it the first college campus in Ontario to do so. The achievement of this designation reflects Humber College’s commitment to sustainability.


What can you do?

  • Support the movement! Make the purchase of Fair Trade products on campus and in the community a priority
  • Display your support of Fair Trade by wearing a pin or sticker endorsing Fair Trade
  • Stay up to date with the Fair Trade movement on campus by following the Sustainability Office’s social media accounts @sustainhumber
  • Learn more by visiting Fair Trade Canada online


Where can I buy Fairtrade products on campus?

North Campus: 

  • Gourmet Express -  Coffee, Tea and Chocolate
  • Humber Room- Coffee, and Tea
  • GH Café-  Coffee (Espresso, Italian Roast, Decaf Medium Fairtrade, Fairtrade Café Estima), Tea and Chocolate
  • JJ Café-  Coffee, Tea and Chocolate
  • Bookstore-  Chocolate
  • Hawks Nest-  Chocolate
  • Trades Café -  Chocolate
  • Residence Dining Hall -   Chocolate
  • Vending Machines - Chocolate
  • Food Emporium-   Chocolate
  • Staff Lounge - Coffee, Tea and Chocolate
  • Food Services Catering- Coffee, Tea and Chocolate
  • Café LinX- Coffee, Tea
  • Starbucks (LRC) -  Espresso, Italian Roast, Decaf Medium Fairtrade, Fairtrade Café Estima

Lakeshore Campus:

  • Media Buzz Located in F Building serves
  • Commons Eatery (L Building),
  • On The Go (L Building),
  • Starbucks (espresso only),
  • Catering
  • Vending Machines 
  • Fair Trade Chocolate Bars:
    • All vending machines on the Lakeshore campus
    • Media Buzz, On The Go, Lake Café, Arena Café, Commons Eatery and the Lakeshore Bookstore
  • Visit the Green Features map to view all Fairtrade outlets on campus.


Humber Fairtrade Steering  Committee:




Committee role


Gina Antonacci

Associate Vice- President

Top-Level Campus Vice President

(416) 675-6622x4570, gina.antonacci@humber.ca

Paul Iskander

Director, Campus Services

Internal Purchasing Manager

(416) 675-6622x77154, paul.iskander@humber.ca

Don Henriques

Manager, Campus Services

Internal Purchasing Manager

(416) 675-6622x73777


Alex Hoa

Manager, Campus Services

Internal Purchasing Manager


Amit Banerjee


General Manager, Food Services


Internal Purchasing Manager

(416) 675-6622x4120


Walter DaSilva


District Manager, Compass Group Canada


Internal Purchasing Manager


Jana Vodica

Manager, Sustainability Education, Compass Group Canada



Rudi Fischbacher

Acting Dean, School of Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism

Faculty & Purchasing Manager for the School of Hospitality, Recreation & Tourism

(416) 675-6622x5530,


Kent Shroeder

Program Coodinator, International Development Projects

Faculty member

(416) 675 – 6622 x 3504


Shayan Shakil

Board of Directors, IGNITE, Student-North Campus

Student Representative


Jessica McDonald

Student, North Campus

Student Representative


Rochelle Asuncion

Student, Lakeshore Campus

Student Representative


Yanni Thepanya

Student Mobility Advisor

Legacy and information on previous projects

 (416) 675 – 6622 x 5202 yanni.thepanya@humber.ca

Spencer Wood

Director, Facilities Management

Facilities Management, Administrative representative

(416) 675-6622x5242, spencer.wood@humber.ca

Lindsay Walker

Manager, Sustainability

Facilities Management

(416) 675-6622x5829 Lindsay.walker@humber.ca

Devon Fernandes

Sustainability Specialist


(416) 675-6622x4651


Farheen Kadwa

Sustainability Research Intern


(416) 675-6622x2207



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