Upgrade to Blackboard Ultra

Complete switch to Ultra coming January 2022

Humber is upgrading to Blackboard Ultra in January 2022!

Below you will find answers to many of the questions you may have about the coming changes.

Important Note:

Please back up your Blackboard Collaborate recordings prior to May 1st, 2021. Recordings prior to this date will be deleted as of July 6th, 2021. If you need help, please use this link Blackboard Collaborate Recording Cleanup

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Blackboard Ultra Training Sessions

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Have Questions? We've got Answers!

What is Blackboard Ultra?

Blackboard Ultra is the next iteration and a significant upgrade to our Blackboard LMS.

What is the difference between what we are currently using and Ultra?

We are currently using Blackboard Original. Blackboard Ultra is more mobile friendly, more accessible, more user friendly and sports a more modern design.

Why are we switching over?

The time is right to modernize our LMS. With more and more of our teaching learning experiences now online, a more modern LMS is in our best interest.

How will this look different? What can the user expect?

Users can expect a more mobile friendly, aesthetically pleasing LMS experience that betters matches the Blackboard app experience.

What will training will be provided?

Training sessions will be frequent and ongoing beginning June 2021.

What does the user have to do to ensure nothing gets lost and they are able to access the system?

Faculty are asked to back up their content out of Blackboard Original. Exporting content out of Blackboard Original, in a Blackboard .zip package, and having the content offline is important. In addition, faculty should also have copies of their course content as individual files – documents, PPTs, PDFs, images, and videos – and these should be saved on a hard drive (not within a Blackboard export). Faculty should also export their Blackboard assessments and tests/survey pools as a Blackboard exported .zip package and have this saved offline. Having these three versions of your content, for each course, saved offline, will facilitate the migration to Ultra.