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About your host, Shirantha Beddage

Shirantha Beddage is a baritone saxophonist, composer, and faculty member in the Bachelor of Music program. He has released three critically acclaimed albums as leader, including the JUNO-nominated recordings “Identity” and “Momentum”. His compositional skills have won him accolades from the Montreal Jazz Festival and placements in the Emmy-winning TV series “Fargo”. In the Bachelor of Music program, Shirantha teaches courses in Music Theory and Large Ensemble. His innovative teaching methods have earned him national recognition as an Apple Distinguished Educator. He holds a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Jazz Studies from the Eastman School of Music, a Master of Music degree in Jazz Studies from William Paterson University, and a Bachelor of Music degree from Humber.

As a secondee within Teaching + Learning, Shirantha loves to help faculty use technology more effectively by creating Panopto videos, facilitating conversations with teachers, and hosting the Staff Lounge.

Getting in Touch

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Episode 6 - EdTech Highlights From Ed - Venture Days

EdTech tools – which are the most useful for you? Listen to EdTech highlights from Humber College’s professional development week, Ed-Venture Week and the Part-Time Teachers’ Conference. We’ve distilled insights and use-cases from sessions on: Miro, Lumen 5, Powtoon, MindMeister, Infographics and TextExpander. Powerful problem solving tech tools.
For links to watch each of the hour long webinars please visit Teaching + Learning website

Ed-Venture Days Recorded Sessions

Episode 5 - Dive Into Ed-Venture Days and The Part-Time Teachers' Conference

Want a a sneak peek into Humber College’s professional development week?
We talk to Flower Darby, the keynote speaker presenting at the Part-Time Teacher’s Conference 2021 on the topic of “Regeneration”.

Teaching and Learning

Ed-Venture Days: March 22-25, 2021

Part-Time Teachers’ Conference: March 26, 2021


ThinkDUL podcast interview

Planning a Great Online Class Through Roundabout Design

Episode 4 - Integrating Integrity - Embedding Academic Integrity In Your Course

With so much information readily available with a quick “search”, academic integrity can be a hot button topic for some faculty. Could it be that the way a course is designed may lead to a better outcome? We discuss strategies to integrate integrity into your course, and how this can affect attitudes in the work place long after students graduate.

Episode 3 - Group Work

Group work among students can be a powerful tool for learning, but how best to make it work? We explore group work with Humber College’s Teaching and Learning secondees Nicole Chuchmach, Mike Wells and Catherine Dunn. Colin Bartley shares strategies to avoid the pitfalls of becoming Judge Judy!

 RISE Model

Episode 2 - Reassessing Assessment

Moving to an online teaching environment has forced many to rethink the way we assess student learning. What are the most effective ways to assess? We hear ingenious and, importantly, time saving ideas from Humber’s T+L secondees.

 How to Make Breakout Rooms Work Better (The Chronicle)

 RISE Model

Shirantha’s Panopto video: Assessing Creative Projects in Blackboard 9.1 

Episode 1 - Building Community Online

How to build community while learning remotely? Host Shirantha Beddage chats with Humber faculty to hear their strategies and success stories of engaging with students in an online environment.

Introducing The Staff Lounge

Welcome to The Staff Lounge, a place to reflect and connect with staff from Humber College, Toronto, Canada. We bring you interviews, panel discussions and tips from local and global educators, providing a platform to explore best teaching practices.