Showcase 2021

Showcase 2021 is going virtual for the very first time!

Below you will find answers to many of the questions you may have about this year’s event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Showcase will be virtual this year. What does that mean?

Showcase 2021 is going to be held using the Pheedloop platform. You will be able to register and attend the conference using our Pheedloop Event Page.

Who can attend Showcase 2021?

Showcase is Humber’s annual college wide event designed specifically for employees (faculty, support and admin).

How do I register?

To register for Showcase 2021: Amplify, you’ll need a free virtual ticket. Visit our Registration Page to begin. When you get to the ticket section, add the “Humber Virtual Event Admission” to your order. If you plan on attending our Welcoming Remarks & Awards, and the Keynote, add those tickets as well to your order.

How do I register for a specific session(s)?

To register for a session, please go to the Sessions Page, navigate and select the session you’d like to attend, and then click on the “Register for Session” button associated with the session. If the button becomes green, you are now registered.

How many sessions can I sign up for?

Attendees can sign up for a maximum of three (3) sessions, one per time block. In addition to that, attendees can register for the following Feature Events:

  • Welcoming Remarks and Award Presentations
  • Keynote Address: Advancing Belonging at Humber by john a. powell

Note: Marketplace will be hosted between 12pm – 1pm. Registration is not required. All are encouraged to visit the virtual booths and interact with the team.

If I don’t register for the Welcoming Remarks & Awards or Keynote presentation now, can I register later?

Yes. You are welcome to add them or remove them from your Schedule later.

How will Marketplace be hosted this year?

Marketplace will be hosted virtually through the conference platform. It will be available to attendees between 12pm and 1pm. Each Marketplace Exhibitor has a dedicated “booth” were they can share information specific to their service and host a live Q&A and chat with attendees.

How does gamification work at Showcase?

You will receive codes throughout the day that you can submit for points. You can redeem these points for prizes! Go to the Gamification Tab on the Live Event page and submit this code for some points now! Code: FOUNDIT95

I'm receiving an error message: “Please ensure your selections do not contain add-ons only.”

If you have received this message when trying to register, it means that you have not added the “Humber Virtual Event Admission” ticket to your order. Please click “Add Ticket” to the virtual event admission in order to proceed.