Study at Humber

Everyone has their own study technique to help ace an exam. For those who are still trying to find a study system, perhaps some of the routines adopted by Humber students and the Lakeshore Math and Writing Centre will be perfect for you.

Here are six study tips we discovered in the Humber community:

1. The student becomes the master

“Improve your studying by teaching someone else the information you’re learning in order to feel more confident with the content.”- Steven Ribiero, first-year Social Service Worker student

2. Use a whiteboard to mind map ideas and concepts

This is a great tool for visual learning and allows more engagement when studying alone or in a group setting.

3. Make your notes convenient

“Review the test outline thoroughly. Then, make a one-page study sheet (back and front). This will allow you to conveniently travel with your notes and allow time to study on the go. - Ashley Guglielmelli, second-year Early Childhood Education student

4. Handwrite everything you want to remember

Typing your notes may be faster, however, students who write their notes by hand are said to have a better understanding of the content and are more successful in remembering and integrating the material they learn. 

5. Find a productive spot to hit the books

“I go to school to get away from the distractions at home. When I’m home my roommates will distract me, I lose focus and scroll through social media or fall asleep. I avoid this when I study at school because I force myself into a study environment.”- Vanessa Bennett, third-year Bachelor of Creative Advertising student

6. Get a good night's sleep before a test or exam

Sleep refreshes your mind and body, making everything seem clearer. Go into your tests and exams feeling energized and well-rested. This will help you stay focused and retain information.

If you require tutoring prior to your exams, please visit the Writing and Math Centre at North and Lakeshore Campus. The centres are open Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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