A snowy scene where a barren tree is illuminated by winter sun reflecting off a wall of windows on Humber's North Campus

Humber College students are resilient. They’ve proved it over the past two years, adapting to changes in learning and life outside of academics. 

But they still require support. 

In preparation for Bell Let’s Talk Day, the annual campaign to improve mental health and decrease stigma, the college checked in with students to see how they were doing, and exactly what kind of support they need. 

LOGO: The words Bell Let's Talk beside a smiley face outline in black with a speech bubble outlined in blue superimposed on top

“They expressed anxiety about returning to campus and requests for financial and mental health supports,” said Bindia Darshan, manager of Community Wellness Education and Programs in the college’s Student Success and Engagement department

“Given that mental health is impacted by other areas of well-being, programming that addresses the whole student is incredibly important.” 

This year, Bell Let’s Talk Postsecondary Fund partnered with Humber, Seneca, Sheridan, George Brown, and Centennial to support the implementation of the National Standard of Canada for Mental Health and Well-Being for Postsecondary Students

The Standard has five key outcomes, including greater awareness and reduced stigma around mental health, increased access to student supports, improved life skills that can be used in academics and elsewhere, healthier and safer institutional environments and improved opportunities for student success. 

Strategies and support at Humber 

An illustration for Mental Health Trivia showing an outline of a person from the neck up with a question mark and lightbulb.

This week to mark Bell Let’s Talk Day, Humber’s Student Success and Engagement Team is hosting several initiatives.

The college has been communicating with students to learn about and validate their experiences, and document their stories in short Instagram videos, which will debut on the Life at Humber account on January 26th. By hearing these stories, students can learn from each other and know that they are not alone and what strategies or supports can help them to get through a difficult time.    

Students can also access programming created specifically for Bell Let’s Talk Day, such as the Mental Health Trivia Night that was hosted by Humber Athletics on January 25th and a Peer-Led Wellness Group, a free online event focusing on growth mindset hosted by Student Life on January 26th. These are fun and engaging ways to raise awareness among students about mental health and learn where to access resources.