Ben Spatafora graduated from the Accounting program in 1977.

“The accounting provides you with a skill that is a discipline. There is a thorough process behind it, there’s a logical pattern, there’s a way of thinking that allows for success,” says Spatafora. 

After graduating, Spatafora was recruited by Canada Packers Inc. and started his career as an accounting clerk working in domestic and international sales. Later, he worked with Husky Energy, eventually leading to a career in the automobile business.

Since 2005, Spatafora has been working as the National Director of CarCostCanada, an innovative online service leveling the playing field between automotive dealers and more than 300,000 Canadian consumers. Using his Humber experience and business knowledge built over a lengthy career, Spatafora developed a nationwide car dealer network, leading to selling more cars than anyone in the country for the past 13 years.