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When Sharmishta Varma wanted to begin her career in the cosmetics industry, she turned to Humber for the education that would help get her where she wanted to go.

Varma was intrigued by Humber’s Cosmetic Management program particularly because it had courses that focused on the business side of the sector.

Marketing is one area where Varma felt there were gaps in her knowledge and that’s why the Humber program proved to be exactly what she was looking for. The courses cover a wide range of subjects including product knowledge, business essentials, management, sustainability, marketing, application and more.

Varma, who’s set to graduate and will be attending Spring 2024 Convocation happening June 18 to June 21 at the Toronto Congress Centre, is already working in the industry having landed a position at clean beauty company MOB Beauty. She was introduced to the company through the program and the program coordinator told her about the opportunity to apply for work there.

“A huge reason I wanted to come to Humber is because I was new to Canada and I didn't have any industry contacts,” said Varma. “Humber introduced me to so many people in the cosmetics industry – it far exceeded my expectations in that regard.”

The program’s capstone was to organize the Business of Beauty Conference that attracted companies and organizations in the industry including Shoppers Drug Mart, NARS Cosmetics Canada and The Detox Market Canada, among others. Varma was the project manager and said the conference provided excellent networking opportunities for everyone who attended including the students.

It was also a chance to showcase the students’ work to industry. Alumni of the program who have gone on to do great things in the industry came back to share their experiences, which Varma said was inspiring.

During her time at Humber, Varma received an International Student Scholarship as well as the Angela Iacobucci Award, which honours the late sister of Alvina Cassiani, senior dean with Humber’s Longo Faculty of Business.

“It was really a tremendous honour to receive that award,” said Varma.

Varma is looking forward to attending convocation to catch up with the friends she made and the faculty that helped her on her post-secondary journey.  

“It’s a little bittersweet for sure because I did really enjoy my time at Humber,” said Varma. “It’s what brought me here to Canada and it’s been a big part of my journey and life so far. I had a great time there and I’m going to miss it.”

Varma said she hopes to stay connected to the program and Humber as her career continues.

Find out more about convocation, including how to watch the ceremonies if you’re unable to attend in person, at the Spring 2024 Convocation website.