Established in January 2016, the Lakeshore Grounds Interpretive Centre is illustrating the natural and built heritage of the Grounds, to engage the surrounding community through exhibitions and cultural programming. “Our mission is to research, preserve, and share the built and natural histories of the Lakeshore Grounds. We aim to engage both the Humber and local Etobicoke Lakeshore communities,” says Jennifer Bazar, Curator Lakeshore Grounds Interpretive Centre.

The Lakeshore campus has a storied history and the Centre, located at the corner of Lakeshore Blvd. W. and Kipling Ave. in Toronto, aims to engage and educate the community by curating and hosting events, tours and exhibitions.  

“It ranges from hands-on workshops to film screenings and research talks. It is a way to engage with our communities and the spaces that Humber's Lakeshore campus occupies. The Interpretive Centre will only grow through engagement,” says Bazar.

The themes of education, mental health, Indigenous history, environmental sustainability, and civic engagement are at the forefront of the work of the Interpretive Centre.

“We have a really dedicated group of volunteers who have been helping us with research. It is a multifaceted approach. Everyone learns in different ways. Everyone engages in topics in different ways and it allows for some of that freedom of exploration,” says Bazar.

The Interpretive Centre is currently working on two research projects: Hospital History Project and Film History Project, the results of which are shared on an on-going basis through the Centre’s website.

“The goal of these projects is to create an avenue through which people can explore different histories on their own,” says Bazar.

To learn more about the events, exhibits and tours, visit the website.