Allison Hogg smirks at the camera with her hands clasped under her chin. She's wearing a striped shirt and has brown hair

In the early 2000s, Allison Hogg moved from her small hometown to Toronto to pursue a comedy career. Someone she worked with was a Humber College Comedy graduate and spoke highly of their experience, so she went for it. 

"It helped with the transition of moving to Toronto, not knowing anybody and throwing myself into standup and sketch comedy. I got to meet lots of people I still perform with and work with today," she said. 

Hogg is up for a 2021 Canadian Screen Award in the Best Writing, Variety or Sketch Comedy category for her work on the popular CBC comedy, Baroness Von Sketch Show. Hers is one of 32 nominations for Humber-affiliated talent, including faculty, mentors, alumni and honourary degree holders. Baroness Von Sketch Show is a single-camera comedy starring Carolyn Taylor, Meredith MacNeill, Aurora Browne and Jennifer Whalen and has charmed audiences for five seasons by poking fun at popular culture and Canadian society. 

She says Humber prepared her for the world of Canadian comedy by exposing her to every aspect of the art. 

"I wasn't really interested in standup, but in the program, you have to do it. You've got to put a two-minute set together! I eventually found it fun, and when you push yourself outside your comfort zone, you discover new talents," said Hogg. 

“When you’re in a room of people who are passionate about the same thing as you, you find your people. That was really valuable.” 

Last year at this time, Hogg had rented a dress and was preparing for the 2020 Screen Awards. She was ready for a night out without her one-year-old and was looking forward to the fun. 

Then the ceremony was cancelled. 

There won't be a physical ceremony this year, either, but this time around, Hogg is seven months pregnant with her second child. 

"I feel like trying to find a dress at this stage probably wouldn't work so well. Maybe it's a blessing this time around," she laughed. 

Here's a complete list of 2021 Canadian Screen Award nominees from the Humber community: 

-Adrian Wallace (Film and Television Production/Comedy) - Best Direction, Documentary Series – Being Black in Toronto 

-Dina Pugliese (Journalism) – Best Host, Talk Show or Entertainment News – Breakfast Television 

-Justin Gray (Music – Bass) – Achievement in Music, Original Song – Bloodthirsty - "Grey Singing in Auditorium" 

-Hilario Duran - Faculty (Music - Keyboard)  

  • Achievement in Music - Original Song - The Cuban - "El Milagro"
  • Achievement in Music - Original Song - The Cuban - "Mambo in Dominante"

-Graham Rogers (Film and Television Production) - Achievement in Sound Mixing – Akilla's Escape 

-James Bastable (Post Production) - Achievement in Sound Mixing – Akilla's Escape 

-Justin Perreault (Game Arts & Design) - Achievement in Visual Effects – Code 8 

-Kiarash Saigh (Film and Television Production) – Best Cinematography in a Feature Length Documentary – Nhanni: River of Forgiveness 

-Heath Fashina (Film and Television Production) – Best Picture Editing, Factual – David Rocco's Dolce Italia - "Hope is the New Rome: 

-Ant Horasanli (Film and Television Production) - Best Direction, Web Program or Series – The Runner – “Episode 8” 

-Lakna Edilima (TV Writing and Producing) – Best Writing, Web Program or Series – Lockdown – “Stake Outing” 

-Justin Taylor - (Film and Television Production) Best Live Production, Social Media – 2020 Polaris Prize Celebration 

-Kiah Welsh (Journalism) – Best Production, Interactive – The 2010s: The decade Canadian artists stopped saying sorry 

-Bob Kerr (Comedy) - Best Writing, Variety or Sketch Comedy – This Hour has 22 Minutes - "How Dare You" 

-Graham Chittenden (Comedy) - Best Writing, Factual – Still Standing - "Rankin Inlet" 

-Ryan Belleville (Comedy) – Best Supporting Actor, Comedy – Workin' Moms 

-Ari Posner (Mentor - Music Composition) 

  • Best Original Music, Fiction - Detention Adventure - "All the World's a Stage"
  • Best Original Music, Animation - Let's Go Luna

-Allison Hogg (Comedy) – Best Writing, Variety or Sketch Comedy – Baroness Von Sketch Show - "I prefer the term 'Bonus Parent'" 

-Claire Dobson (Post Production) - Best Sound, Fiction – Vikings – “The Best Laid Plans” 

-Andrew Gurney (Post Production) 

  • Best Picture Editing, Reality/Competition - TV - Big Brother Canada
  • Best Picture Editing, Reality/Competition - TV - Stronger Together, Tous Ensemble

-Justin Harding (Film and Television Production/Media Foundations) - Best Lifestyle Program or Series – Restaurants on the Edge 

-Mark Steinberg (Film and Television Production) - Best Writing, Animation – Hotel Transylvania, the Series 

-Hugh Elchuk (Film and Television Production) – Best Picture Editing, Drama - Cardinal 

-Graham Rogers (Film and Television Production) - Best Sound, Non-Fiction – Meat the Future 

-Paolo Amati (Film and Television Production) - Best Sound, Non-Fiction – Once We Were Brothers 

-Christine Birak - (Journalism) - Best National Reporter - CBC News: The National

-Steve Pakin (Hon Degree) - Best Host or Interviewer – The Agenda 

-Adrienne Arsenault (Hon Degree) - Best Host or Interviewer – The National 

-Sandy Pereira (Post Production) - Best Picture Editing, Drama - Cardinal: Until The Night - “Scott”

For more information on the nominees, visit the Canadian Screen Awards website