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Humber College alumnus Lawrence Saindon loves what he does for a living.

Saindon graduated from Humber’s Paramedic program in 1996 and he’s currently a supervisor with Peel Regional Paramedic Services. Throughout his career he’s earned Long Service and Bravery awards as well as recognition for his work raising funds supporting local community charities and children.

Following his time at Humber, he began a career that allowed him to make a difference in the community.

“I’m proud of the job I do overall,” said Saindon. “I’ve delivered babies, I’ve saved people’s lives, I’ve brought people back that had no pulse and they (later) walked out of hospital. It’s probably one of the best careers I could suggest. It’s made me who I am today.”

He credits Humber with helping set him on a path to success.

“(I) attended Humber College and it was a fantastic program,” said Saindon. “We had to get our schooling hours in, we had to get our placement hours in, which included working in the hospitals and working on the road, and we just enjoyed every part of what Humber was for our education.”

Saindon says resiliency is a major part of being a first responder. He also feels being adaptable and flexible will help those pursuing a career as a paramedic.  

He stressed the importance of always demonstrating professionalism and compassion in what can be an extremely challenging job.

“Treat everyone like your grandmother. Treat everyone like a family member. Remember that you’re there to help them and you’re going to have a really good career,” he said.

Saindon has worked through SARS and COVID-19 and he refers to the latter as one of the most challenging experiences of his career.