The vaccination clinic team at Lakeshore stands with masks on behind a woman taking a selfie, centered in the frame.

Humber College and University of Guelph-Humber students, staff and faculty have all have a hand in helping the college community safely navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Humber deepened its impact this spring and summer by hosting vaccination clinics at its North and Lakeshore campuses. 

In April, Humber partnered with William Osler Health System to host and staff a clinic at the University of Guelph-Humber (UofGH) building. Some Bachelor of Nursing students from the Faculty of Health Sciences & Wellness (FHSW) administered vaccinations while other Humber and UofGH students performed clerical duties, including asking screening questions and helping individuals check in and out. 

By August 6, Humber and UofGH students completed 10,000 volunteer placement and community service-learning hours. More than 60,000 Moderna and Pfizer vaccines were administered. 

“I couldn’t be more pleased and impressed by the collaboration between Humber College, University of Guelph-Humber, and the William Osler Health group. In short order, these groups came together to mobilize a community-based vaccination clinic,” said Jason Powell, senior dean, FHSW. 

“This work allowed students opportunities to demonstrate competencies and complete work-integrated learning. Additionally, this collaboration ensured maximum needles went into arms within our local Etobicoke community and undoubtedly prevented COVID-19 spread.” 

Humber also worked with South Etobicoke Vaccine Engagement partners through the City of Toronto and the West Toronto Ontario Health Team to convert the Lakeshore Fashion Institute building into a vaccination clinic. 

The clinic was an accessible space for community members requiring additional wrap-around supports, including isolated seniors, those with mobility issues and people experiencing homelessness. The partnership facilitated 15 clinics, 12 of them at the Lakeshore site, resulting in the vaccination of 1,503 individuals. 

The vaccination clinic team members at Lakeshore stand in a row with masks on. You can tell they're smiling by their eyes.

“It was a really intimate, small space,  very efficient and well-organized. Many of the volunteers supporting the clinic were local community members, so it was a very friendly and supportive environment,” said Amber Morley, a community health worker with LAMP Community Health Centre and coordinator for the Vaccine Engagement Team. 

Morley recalled a nervous young man at the clinic over the summer. Unfortunately, he had a panic attack before he had the chance to get vaccinated. 

“One of my engagement ambassadors took it upon themselves to sit with that individual for thirty minutes and explain the process, so he felt comfortable being vaccinated,” she said. 

The young man is now a proud advocate for vaccination, helping to amplify its importance among his peers. 

Humber’s Facilities Management team, the Department of Health and Safety, the Faculty of Business and the Community Outreach and Workforce Development department were also involved in the collaboration at the Lakeshore campus. 

Humber and UofGH have been strongly encouraging employees and students to get vaccinated for months and on September 7 a new vaccination policy went into effect to help keep the campus and the community safe.