A smiling person stands on a stage with their arms outstretched.

In a vibrant celebration of diversity and inclusivity, Humber College welcomed drag queens Lucy Flawless and Lucinda Miu to North Campus for the Drag Queen Story Hour event on June 7.

It was organized by the 2SLGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group, IGNITE, and the Humber Child Development Centre and the day was filled with laughter, learning, and delight.

Two smiling people sit on a stage in front of microphones.

Together the performers captured the attendees’ attention as they narrated children's books and joyously danced, creating a fun and safe atmosphere that embraced the essence of Pride Month.

"It’s so much more than just a drag queen reading to kids,” said Miu. “It's really us imparting ideas of self-acceptance, self-respect, respect for others, respect for the community, and just self-actualization. And so, what ends up happening at a lot of these events is at the end of the day, the children are just in great moods going home with a little bit more confidence and joy for life, which I think is what is the most important.”

Drag Queen Story Hour caught the attention of students and passersby, many of whom decided to stay and experience the event. As the performers took the stage, children's books came alive through their animated storytelling. Not only did the children engage with the stories, but adults in the audience also found themselves reflecting on the lessons that the children's books contained.

A group of children and parents sit together on the floor. They are smiling and clapping.

Lyndsay MacKay, one of the organizers of the event and an Early Childhood Education professor, emphasized the significance of diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging in the planning of the Drag Queen Story Hour.  

“Diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging is a very important and central value to Humber College and to the Humber Child Development Centre," said MacKay. "So, it was central in organizing a Drag Queen Story Hour. We wanted to send that message to the community that everyone is welcome, everyone belongs on this campus."

A person raises their arm in the air as they cheer.

It was a joyful and fun experience that showed the power of storytelling.

"It promoted literacy, learning, community, and a love of reading and we love that and we love love,” said MacKay.

Two people sit on a stage and one is reading from a book titled A is for Activist.

Pride Month celebrations continue at Humber throughout June with events and activities. More information can be found by visiting Humber’s LGBTQ events webpage.