Kanishk Bhuria is seated, looking over his right shoulder with a smile, an old building with a beautiful facade in the backgrogr

Humber College has launched the Humber International Graduate School (IGS) in downtown Toronto, the country’s economic epicenter and home to 1.3 million immigrants. The Humber IGS offers graduate certificates for students who already have a Bachelor’s degree or more advanced credentials. 

“The IGS students are coming to Canada to complete one or two-year certificates. Usually, they come to Canada focusing on specific careers and skill development so they can launch their career and life in Canada,” said Diane Simpson, the principal of Humber IGS. A 3D rendering shows a large room filled with computer cubicles and white furniture

While not yet physically open, the Humber IGS building boasts new classrooms, state-of-the-art technology, a learning commons and open study spaces. The environment is intimate and purposely built to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration. 

Kanishk Bhuria, a student in his first semester of Global Business Management, found good online reviews for Humber and IGS. He found the courses to be industry-oriented and carefully crafted so that students gain the relevant skills to their industry. 

“Humber has been consistently ranked among the best colleges in Toronto for the quality of programs and International student services, so it was a dream college on my list,” he said. 

Bhuria hasn’t travelled to Canada yet, but he feels engaged with the Humber IGS community. He is already in touch with more than 100 students from his program on LinkedIn and has met professors and industry specialists through the community and industry engagement course.  

“It’s helping me more on the less-discussed topics like facing difficulties achieving your goals and how to cope with them. This is a completely new experience for me, which will not only bring a wave of change but also ignite new phases of self-growth,” said Bhuria. 

Launching global careers 

All the programs offered are also available at either Humber’s North or Lakeshore campuses. The college has leveraged current industry partners and is also identifying key partners downtown to engage in networking events, capstone competitions, a speaker series and alumni mentoring, all a part of the IGS industry connector hub.  

The industry connector hub ensures students are able to build critical networks for career pathways during their time at Humber.   

A 3D rendering of the Humber IGS reception area and desk, with a person in a red sweater walking byStudents are also able to access workshops on immigration rules and regulations, navigating Service Canada, co-op permits, taxes and other support services through the Winter Orientation 2021. 

Support for finding housing is also available through the Humber IGS website, which has a list of helpful resources and links for students, whether they are considering homestays, residence or rental accommodations. 

Bhuria is looking forward to travelling to Canada when the situation allows and he looks forward to attending the downtown campus. 

“The location is central to innumerable commodities and the job market. If you think of it, everything is available downtown, like part-time jobs and job fairs. It will save me time and help me organize and make space for other improvements, with the comfort of resources available all around me,” he said. 

Like all of Humber’s full-time programs, IGS students will have work-integrated learning opportunities. They will also have access to employment opportunities in Toronto, Canada’s financial services hub. 

If they wish to further their studies, credits gained throughout their Humber program can be put towards a Master’s degree with one of Humber’s global partners.