Photo of cabbage and zucchini growing in a wooden box

After getting their hands dirty at a planting party back in May, Humber College staff and students and members of the South Etobicoke community are finally seeing their work take root.

Earlier this year, in collaboration with The Green Artisan Retailers & Designers (GARDENS) Pod Project, Humber launched a community garden project using small, mobile garden beds called pods.

And things are starting to sprout, as they say.

So far, the project’s 52 pods, located throughout South Etobicoke, have produced 27 kilos of produce. Twelve of the 27 kilos have come from Humber’s pod in front of the fashion building at Kipling and Lakeshore, and there’s more on the way: the tomatoes there are just starting to ripen.

 “I love this project because it is so hands on and community focused. It’s very rewarding seeing the small plants that we planted in May grow to their full height. It’s just as gratifying knowing that we are making a contribution to increasing food security in Ward 6,” says Wanda Buote, principal of Lakeshore Campus and a GARDENS volunteer.

The GARDENS is a group of individuals from South Etobicoke who are committed to community garden maintenance, aiming to provide food security for low-income earners, lone-parent families, seniors, people living on fixed incomes and those with disabilities.

The Humber College Community Partnership Fund is a supporter of the GARDENS project.

Other pods are located at Long Branch Toronto Public Library, St. Leo’s Catholic School and LAMP Community Health Centre.  

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