Svedha Krishnaraj smiles slightly in front of a cityscape on a sunny day. She has long dark hair and wears berry lipstick

Svedha Krishnaraj‘s first visit to Canada brought her to Winnipeg, Manitoba for an international high school program. Although she enjoyed the experience, it would be several years, an undergrad and a Master’s degree before she returned for another international student-specific experience. This time, her studies brought her to downtown Toronto and Humber College’s International Graduate School (Humber IGS).  

Krishnaraj was born in India and grew up in Peru, and that was only the beginning of her travels. She completed her degree in Amsterdam, majoring in Psychology. She graduated with a Master’s in Human Resources in Madrid, Spain during the pandemic.  

“I knew the current job market was not the best, so I thought, ‘Maybe I can take this time to continue my education before working.’ I came back here to Canada because I was already familiar with this environment. Language was not an issue,” she said. 

The student visa process was also more straightforward in Canada than other countries that Krishnaraj was considering. So was the program application process at Humber IGS. 

“Humber very clearly gives you all the information. If you’re an international student looking to enter the Canadian job market, here are the things you can do.” 

Experiential learning opportunities abound at Humber, and the opportunity to apply skills learned in the classroom to real-life work situations also appealed to her. 


Humber IGS is a campus created specifically for international post-graduate students. In Fall 2021 IGS will offer 10 Ontario Graduate Certificate programs including Supply Chain Management, Marketing Management, Information Technology Solutions and  Krishnaraj’s program, Global Business Management, which offers four specialties.  Krishnaraj, now eligible for specialization in her second year of the program, chose to pursue the Human Resources Management stream. The offerings are chosen to respond to the needs of the Canadian workforce. 

While IGS launched in early 2021, its first terms were delivered online. The changing COVID-19 situation has allowed further access to Humber spaces, and this month, IGS will welcome its first in-person learners. All courses delivered physically on campus will have a hybrid delivery method, with options to attend online or in person. 

The building is in the heart of Toronto’s downtown core, allowing students to connect with industry through networking and work placements. 


Krishnaraj, now living in downtown Toronto, finished her Master’s degree from home in Spain, one of the countries hit the hardest by COVID-19 - and it’s made the transition to IGS a little easier. 

“I got used to being on my own, and coming here and quarantining, it was ok.” 

Krishnaraj quarantined in a hotel for two weeks once she got to Canada, as per health and safety regulations. 

“I only spoke to the lady in the hotel cafeteria!” 
Soon, she’ll have classmates to talk to, collaborate and socialize with – in person. 

Krishnaraj loves the post-secondary environment, with plenty of facilities that support student success and allow people to focus on school.  

“It will be so good to be on campus,” she said. 

Visit the IGS website to learn more about the building, its programs and how to apply.