Technology, finances, learning-teaching styles and adjusting to a new country, are some elements of a postsecondary education that can be challenging for new international students.

However, many educators around the world, sometimes think about students in separate domestic and international “buckets.” Which can lead to assumptions about what these students need to be successful.

The separation of the two groups can create a stigma that may influence the overall learning experience of the student.

“A student is a student – domestic or international – regardless of the passport they are carrying in their knapsack,” says Andrew (Drew) Ness, Humber Dean of International.

Global Student Voices Podcast recordingThe Global Student Voices Podcast series shares the experiences of international students with educators, so they can “learn how to learn” from international students’ perspective. The difference between domestic and international students can be straightforward when it comes to tuition and other costs. But what can be overlooked is that international students are not that different from domestic students. Often both are balancing part-time jobs, school and life.

On the topic of languages and communicating in English,  Andrey, who is studying a Diploma in Business Management says “I hope, more people will correct me, when it's necessary.”

Andrew (Drew) Ness recently released The Global Student Voices Podcast to the higher education community at the NAFSA 2019 Annual Conference in Washington D.C.

“We always learn from listening to our students. The podcast was a unique opportunity to learn directly from the experiences of our international students. We plan on many more seasons to keep this learning going,” says Ness.

The eight-part podcast series follows three students – Aneri, Sean, and Andrey from India, England and Israel respectively. The students share their experiences and challenges – in and out of the classroom.

In order to close the gap, postsecondary educators have an opportunity to recognize that the international students might carry different life experiences with them but they are still students who are here to learn, says Alanna Fairey, the host of the podcast.

Humber Global will soon be launching the second series of the podcast in September 2019.

Find the eight episodes of Global Student Voices on Apple iTunes, Spotify, Sticher and Google Podcast.