Humber College students walk on a brick sidewalk lined with trees towards one of the cottages at Lakeshore Campus on a sunny day

This fall, new Humber College students will have the opportunity to experience a revamped, better-than-ever Online Orientation. 

On August 30, Fall Orientation 2021 kicks off with Meet Your Faculty Sessions. Students can speak to their professors and upper-year students about their programs and ask their burning questions in a low-pressure environment via Blackboard Collaborate. Some Meet Your Faculty Sessions will be held on campus for programs with substantial on-campus delivery that require on-site orientation. 

The traditional Welcome Week was replaced with Welcome Month in 2020, and the Orientation team is adding to an ever-growing calendar of mini sessions and partner events from September 6 to 30. 

Humber Today caught up with senior Orientation leader Nicole Cruz to learn more about this year’s events – and what her first-year experience was like. 


Nicole Cruz wears a grey blazer and smiles slightly in a hallway near a wall of windows at Humber's North campus


Q: Hi Nicole. You’ve helped coordinate a few Orientations now and you went through Orientation as a first-year student. What did you take away from that first experience? 

A: On my first day of Orientation, there was a huge group of students walking towards our classroom together, and I could see that everyone was nervous. Eventually, we all started talking and began easing into the day. Having so many other people feel the same way I was feeling, I felt relieved. 

I also remember firing questions at my program coordinator during the Meet Your Faculty session. She did an amazing job answering them. The team really went into detail about what each semester would look like and what we were going to do with placements. I didn’t even have the question yet, and they already had the answer. 


Q: Some students will also spend Orientation on campus like you did – albeit a little differently. Will Online Orientation participants get the same experience? 

A: Yes! We built the virtual Orientation last fall, and it was very successful. Also, many students are studying out of the country, and others can’t get to campus. Online Orientation makes things accessible. Everyone can attend Orientation comfortably from their homes. The feedback has been great. 

I also noticed that people ask way more questions online than in person. We’re recording all our sessions, so in case someone misses it, they can see what they missed, unlike when Orientation was in person. 

Plus, Welcome Month is still interactive, so you can meet people outside your program, interact with different services. Welcome Month is happening during the first month of classes, so you can get involved right away. 


Q: How helpful. Where else can students go for resources and support? 

A: We created a video-based Orientation Blackboard module to help students navigate life at Humber. We did a huge refresh and revamp of the old module, and this one is way more interactive. There are videos where people talk to you and share all the information you need. Some are about student services, or what you can expect, or different prizes you can win, and other things that might not occur to you, such as acknowledging the land you are on. If you’re wondering something once classes start, you can always go back to check the module. It’s brand new and really exciting. 

Students will also have the opportunity to win prizes once they’ve completed the modules and filled out the survey. There are three prizes: $1000 towards tuition, $500 towards the Book Store and $250 in e gift cards. 


Q: Wow, you really have all bases covered. Thank you, Nicole. 

A: You’re welcome. See you at Orientation! 


To learn more about Fall 2021 Orientation, visit and follow the First Year Experience Instagram accounts: @humberlakefye and @humbernorthfye. Students can also look forward to digital swag to use in their #HumberOrientation social media posts. 

Humber’s Fall 2021 classes begin September 8.