Bachelor of PR students at Humber College are learning that, even during a pandemic, the show must always go on.

In September, event management students were challenged to develop Humber’s annual holiday party. The November 27 virtual event, presented by the President’s Office and the Office of the Lakeshore Principal, was an opportunity for Humber staff and faculty and their families to celebrate the Humber community – and a year of hard work.

“The event is really about the kids,” said Karina Subota, chair of the event management student team.

“We wanted to ensure that every child leaves with a smile.”

The party started at 9 a.m. with a PJ Jig dance-off welcoming the audience to “Humberland.”

A screenshot of host Rachel Beau wearing flashy clothes and sunglasses in a split screen with Santa on Zoom

Guests had the opportunity to follow along with baking and crafting tutorials, bingo, and, of course, the all-important visit from Santa.

Parents and grandparents weren’t left out; they had the option to attend a Polar Parlor mocktail session.

The event went off without a hitch.

“Being able to see people’s emotions, seeing them happy was an amazing feeling,” said Kate Makarova, the logistics team lead.

The planning team was challenged by deadlines, vendor sourcing and technology issues, but they persevered, eventually mastering the art of running multiple Zoom sessions at the same time.

PR students at Humber College have many opportunities to work with clients from within Humber, like the President’s and Principal’s Offices, adding to their portfolio and professional network even before graduation.

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