What appears to be a tape reel sits next to text that reads Tips For Making Better Recordings.

In 1976-1977, Humber College celebrated its tenth anniversary.  

A series of events, including the baking of an extremely large cake became part of the celebrations.  

The Humber community can also explore the history of Humber’s tenth anniversary through a cassette tape and an open reel audio tape titled The Anatomy of a College. It was a radio program broadcast on Humber’s radio station as part of the celebration that told the history of the College from its inception in 1967 up to the tenth year. It also features interviews with various deans from that era and Humber’s first president, Gordon Wragg.

The Archives have digitized the recording and made it available on its website. Those interested in listening to it can click on the photograph of a cassette tape on the page to open the recording in a new window.

A collection of older media, including VHS tapes, and devices to play them sit on a table.

This cassette tape is just one of many obsolete media types that can be found in the Humber Archives. The collection also includes a variety of magnetic film, VHS tapes, Umatics, Betacams, computer punch cards, magnetic computer tapes, floppy discs and other media. Many of these items are currently on display in the Archives, which is located on the fourth floor of the North Campus library, as part of a display on the history of technology at Humber.