A large group of people clap as the stand in front of and beside chairs of various designs.

Students in Humber College’s Bachelor of Industrial Design program showcased their innovative chair designs as part of the annual Industrial Design Chair Show.

The 2024 event was held on March 12 at the Barrett Centre for Technology Innovation and was the public exhibition of the second-year Industrial Design students’ studio chair project. The learners’ creations addressed the evolving nature of commercial workspaces and the need for seating solutions outside of a conventional workstation.

A smiling person sits in a blue chair. A banner behind them reads JRMY.

This year’s design brief was created in collaboration with Nienkamper, the exclusive partner for the 2024 Chair Show. It was judged by a panel of noteworthy local design professionals from companies including Nienkamper, Borgo, Copernicus and more.

Each year, hundreds of people attend the show including design professionals, industry insiders, students, family and friends.

A blue chair that has a miniature replica of it sitting on its armrest along with pamphlets.

Coming in first place was the team of Jhay Simon, Shariq Mohamed and Zach Hatanaka with JRMY. Finishing in second was Erika Zhu Zhong, Marcus Mayne and Ben Krautner for PICARD while Xander Adams, Derek Lin and Arik Stuffles finished in third for AVONA. Winning the People’s Choice award was Thea Shekaran, Pakhi Kandwal and Alycia Gutierrez Arana for OBA.