A person walks past a mural consisting of a series of brightly lit hexagons of different colours.

Have you noticed the brightly lit series of hexagons installed on a wall at the end of Gratitude Hall at North Campus since you’ve returned to the college following the summer break?  

It’s an interactive mural that was created to represent the Humber student journey and it was installed earlier this summer. If you press on the tiles, they will light up.

The brightly lit hexagons signify the Humber community – donors, alumni, faculty, and staff. Linked together, the hexagons represent the strength of the community and the movement of Humber students, as they flow through the college, graduate and pursue their dreams.

The interactive mural is also an opportunity for students, staff and visitors to engage with the college, learn more about the Humber community and mark their time at Humber – be it through a photo or creative video clip in front of the wall.

Beside the interactive mural is signage to explain the connection between the installation and the meaning behind the rest of the Gratitude Hall space.  

Gratitude Hall is dedicated to celebrating the contributions of donors and its centerpiece is the donor recognition wall that uses physical plaques and digital screens to recognize individuals, organizations and foundations whose lifetime contributions to the college have reached or exceeded $10,000. Gratitude Hall also recognizes Humber’s alumni community of more than 295,000 graduates and profiles their stories and highlights the careers and successes that a Humber education can provide. It is  an inviting space for students to study, interact and reflect.    

“We are immensely grateful for the generosity of our donor and alumni community who have come together, especially during a challenging time in the world, to support the Unlimited Campaign, Humber’s first comprehensive fundraising campaign,“ said Krista O’Donnell, Humber’s chief advancement officer. “We weren’t sure what might be possible, but the College’s vision to create the right conditions for student success has been embraced, and we are extremely humbled by the response, one that has led us to surpass our $50-million goal.”     

A wall in Gratitude Hall with a series of hexagons installed on it recognizing Humber College’s donors.

The hall’s name helps convey Humber’s appreciation to its many supporters and highlights the importance of their commitment to make the college a vibrant place for students.

“Gratitude Hall speaks to this sense of community, and it is a fitting tribute that it is dedicated to our supporters, donors and alumni, and the many thoughtful ways that they give back, including the encouragement they provide to students as they pursue their studies and move towards becoming career-ready graduates,” said O’Donnell. “Gratitude Hall exemplifies the College’s desire to show its appreciation to those who are committed to making Humber a great place for our students to learn, grow and thrive. Shining a light on what makes the hall special, quite literally, is our way to continually encourage more people to learn about its meaning and we hope students and others can explore and have some fun by interacting with the new light mural installation.”

To learn more about how to support Humber students visit Advancement and Alumni’s webpage.