Two people pose for a photo while wearing medals and Humber shirts.

Humber students had an excellent showing at the Skills Ontario competition after earning more than a dozen medals including seven gold.

The annual competition gives students an opportunity to show off the skills they've learned in their programs as they face off against their peers from across the province in complex challenges designed to showcase their expertise in various sectors. Humber sent more than 40 students to the competition, which was held May 6 to May 8 at the Toronto Congress Centre.

Two people wearing Humber shirts. One is holding up a medal and the other is biting a medal.

Humber won seven gold medals, five silver and two bronze at the competition. The winners are:

• Matthew Redwood, 3D Digital Game Art – Gold

• Adrian Presot, Cabinetmaking – Gold

• Justin Paglia, Electronics – Gold

• Liam Johnson and Dylan Ferreira, Horticulture and Landscape Team of Two – Gold

• Taylor Chamberlain, Landscape Design – Gold

• Grant Maddock and Cole Hunter, Mechatronics Team of Two – Gold

• Juan Delgado, Photography - Gold

• Burak Istikam, Additive Manufacturing – Silver

• Owen Chapman, Arborist – Silver

• Brixter Galapon, Baking – Silver

• Hanson Wang, Electronics – Silver

• Mayte Vancini Berra, Landscape Design – Silver

• Martin Overgaauw, Arborist – Bronze

• Shreya Kachariya, Architectural Technology and Design – Bronze

Also, Redwood was named the Top-Ranking Competitor representing a college.

Two people wearing Humber shirts, one of whom is wearing a medal around their neck.

Some of the winners will now move on to the Skills Canada National Competition happening at the end of the month in Quebec City.

Since 2004, Humber has won 187 medals at the Skills Ontario Competition:

• 66 Gold Medals

• 62 Silver Medals

• 59 Bronze Medals

Four people stand together. Three a wearing Humber shirts. Two have medals around their necks.

Humber students have a long history of success at Skills and their hard work and dedication along with the support of their coaches has allowed them to continue to excel at the provincial, national and international competitions throughout the years.